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1625 South Main Street
Houston, TX, 77002


Cinematic Wedding Photographer and Videographer - Houston TX. Packages start at $1500



Please read the following carefully, as by engaging our services, you acknowledge that you understand and are happy to accept our standard terms of service as outlined below. Don't worry, it's very straightforward and you can always ask us if you have any questions.


1. I understand that in order to secure a wedding photography booking with Giverny Wedding Photo & Film, I will need to pay a 30% deposit via electronic funds transfer or by check at the time of my wedding date booking.

2. If I then decide to cancel my booking for reasons other than unforeseen illnesses, injuries or other physical health problems that make me unfit to attend a wedding ceremony as substantiated with a doctor's note, I understand that my 30% deposit will not be refunded.

3. I understand that at least 2 weeks prior to my wedding date, I will be required to make the remaining payment for my package via electronic funds transfer or by check. If I fail to make this payment with no communication with Giverny Wedding Photo & Film staff then I will forfeit both my booking date and deposit paid.

4. I understand that I am solely responsible for securing permission from the site owner/operator for use of the Giverny Wedding Photo & Film's recording and capture.

5. I understand that Giverny Wedding Photo & Film is subject to obeying the facility / venue’s safety restrictions including gaining access to various platforms and/or elevated positions in order to obtain different camera angles.

6. I accept that a wireless lapel microphone worn by the groom at the time of the ceremony for the video capture, is the only way to ensure good and usable recording of the Vows. If the Groom chooses not to wear the wireless microphone during the ceremony Giverny Wedding Photo & Film will do its best to capture the best possible audio however cannot guarantee ideal audio capture.

7. I accept that all photographs shot by Giverny Wedding Photo & Film staff are usable by Giverny Wedding Photo & Film for display on their website, blog, and other affiliated platforms for future client viewing purposes.

8. I understand that Giverny Wedding Photo & Film will propose a rights cleared music option for the highlight video. I will be responsible and liable for any/all legal action taken by any party against Giverny Wedding Photo & Film if any music other than the rights-cleared music proposed by Giverny Wedding Photo & Film is used in the wedding video by my request.

9. I understand that Giverny Wedding Photo & Film will select and process all photos and video clips according to their artistic expertise (i.e. minor retouching, color-enhancement etc.) before supplying the final image set to the client as a finished product. Any additional modifications as requested by the client afterwards can be discussed and quoted separately.


I. In the unlikely event that the Giverny Wedding Photo & Film staff fall ill and are themselves unable to provide photography services on the scheduled wedding day, Giverny Wedding Photo & Film will make every attempt to secure replacement photographers. However, if we are unsuccessful, the limit of liability is a full refund already paid for the wedding package.

II. Although Giverny Wedding Photo & Film staff will take every care to transport your photographs safely, in the unlikely event that the wedding photographs / video shot on the day were to be totally or partially lost or destroyed due to thievery or any other extenuating circumstances including natural disasters, the limit of liability would be a full refund of the total wedding package price after full payment is made by the client.


III. The absence of any late or non-appearing persons nominated by the client to be photographed. As a result, the specified person(s) may or may not be in a requested photo. Therefore whilst Giverny Wedding Photo & Film staff will make every effort to capture images specified by the client; due to extenuating circumstances and the pace of the wedding, we cannot guarantee the success of all requested captures.

IV. Unpredictable weather conditions which may impact various photographs and photographing opportunities.