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Cinematic Wedding Photographer and Videographer - Houston TX. Packages start at $1500


You are your Pinterest

Alejandro Sescosse


Pinterest is a fun tool, but that is all it should be. Too often we become dependent on the editorial decisions of others. We say we search for ideas in magazines, blogs and sites searching for inspiration but too often we become solely reliable on what a group of marketers and communications specialists decide are the colors, shapes and styles to be pushed into the market any given season. 

Your wedding should not be an approximation to the perfect world that blogs and Pinterest presents to you, so distilled, that unless you have unlimited amount of money in your wedding coffers, you will always feel you fell short.

It is not easy to reach within oneself, I admit it, and sometimes you have no idea how much creativity, originality and beauty lies inside of you and your spouse. Too many times we tell ourselves things like “I am not creative” or “I could never come up with something that beautiful”. Take a look and you will see.

Beautiful weddings are not beautiful because they looked like someone pulled it all out of a fancy, Pinterest styled pic. Beautiful in a wedding is the reflection of yourself and your spouse, the honest extension your relationship and commitment to one another.