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Houston, TX, 77002


Cinematic Wedding Photographer and Videographer - Houston TX. Packages start at $1500

Let them travel through your wedding


Let them travel through your wedding

Alejandro Sescosse


There are no boring places, only boring people.

There is no reason why your wedding could not feel like a destination wedding right in your hometown. It is all about the illusion that you create for your loved ones.

Destination weddings have become a staple in the wedding planning world. If you have the budget and a guest list of friends and family willing to take the trip with you by all means consider it a great option.

Nowadays, weddings are increasingly becoming more budget conscious. This has to do with a generational transformation. Today people are getting married at an older age and couples are funding a much larger portion of their weddings. Often couples wed after they already have established a home for themselves.  

Let’s be honest, the parents funded, virgin bride, family dictated wedding days are over.

This is why it is such a great time to be getting married. You and your spouse to be have the ability to turn your wedding into anything that you want to. Think of how much fun it is to get together with friends for an afternoon of fun cocktails in plastic cups, awesome music and laughter in your backyard these days.

Take the rest of your guests, the older generations, to a journey into how much fun your current social life is. Take advantage of the cool, hidden places in your city that you frequent with friends and organize events for your wedding there.

It will be an exciting day filled with new experiences for everyone.