Your own wedding, your own flavor

wedding rings

I know everything about your wedding is important to you but I also know the special place that choosing your wedding dress occupies. Wedding dresses vary incredibly across cultures and centuries. In fact it was not until recently, Victorian times, that the white wedding dress got to be the standard in Western countries.  

Wedding seasonal trends are great guides and starting points to brainstorm and dig for ideas and inspiration but don’t stop there, bring your own personal flavor to your wedding day.  Fall wedding trends propose adding earthy tones to the pallet, summer wedding trends fresh hues and yet the most powerful variable in your wedding is You.

We today live in a much more culturally interconnected society than even a few decades back. Embracing the traditions of your family and culture is the new cool. Do it with style, we know that grandma’s taste may be well, a bit outdated, however distilling the essence of those traditions and reinventing them into hip and fun elements in your wedding will make for the coolest wedding and most talked about event among your family and friends.

Use colors, flavors and customs of your own ethnic heritage. If you are Hispanic like me, maybe a fresh new use of dry ice and a play on the old-time waltz would be a great way to make your guest burst in euphoria. If your background is Chinese, why not drop the common white gown and marry in a traditional red dress and then serve a lush, traditional western wedding meal.

Life becomes wonderful in her big contrasts and there is no place more interesting to find them than within yourself.