A photographer that commits


A long time ago in a far away galaxy creating a single photographic image was a precious event. In a world with no camera phones, no digital cameras full stop, the act of taking a photograph was a precious event where the photographer had to always discern wisely when exactly to engage that shutter and capture something special.

The digital sphere has changed all that. Today we snap photos hundreds of times a day without even thinking about it. You certainly have put a lot of thought to your wedding so don’t let a careless photographer capture all your hard work.

Back then using film cameras meant you would not receive hundreds and hundreds of photographs from your wedding photographer. You will receive a few much more valuable precious moments captured and curated carefully.

Everyone has access to a good digital camera nowadays but the camera does not make the photographer.

Find someone that takes photos like it's 1965. Find someone that wisely and judiciously seeks the perfect moment, the perfect light and then commits.