Skip Tradition (Really!)

Wear a white gown and a veil, pick two wedding colors, bridesmaids are female, groomsmen are male, don’t see each other before the ceremony, walk down the aisle, exchange traditional vows, your engagement ring better be a diamond and don’t forget Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” as you walk down the aisle.

Take all that and put it all in the trash can.

Breaking with the past is your nature. You are adventurous, inquisitive and original. Why would your wedding day be any different?

An original program that surprises your guests with unexpected order of things and against protocol brings nothing but smiles. Your cocktail-hour right before the ceremony, rock guitars instead of strings, talk to your great graphic designer friends and come up with a cool and eclectic color palette, See each other before the ceremony, see everyone, say hi to all those faces that love you and are so happy for you, tell that person that you know better than anyone what only you know makes him smile more than anything in the world as you make your vows.

We are photographers and if there is one thing we know is that photographs have a way to glow when the bride and groom are truly happy and at ease with the world at that precise time. Make your wedding yours and don’t let anyone tell you any old tradition is a must. Let yourself glow because your wedding is an extension of the relationship that it is meant to celebrate. 

Be yourself and stay punk rock.