Cinematic, personalized & budget friendly wedding photography made possible

Planning your wedding has been described as many things but hardly ever as a calm and enjoyable experience.

A platoon of vendors encircles you with news of the hottest fall wedding trend and the brand new definition of romantic, whimsical-organic. Photographers are all ready to pitch their new interpretation cinematic and all you can think is “that surely sounds expensive”.

We are here to tell you the truth. You are paying too much for too little with 98% of wedding photographers and videographers in the market. A cinematic, personalized and affordable wedding is not complicated and certainly not unattainable as most folks out there will lead you to believe. All it takes to get what you want for a reasonable, budget friendly cost is this, so pay attention:

Don’t fall inside the “more is better” trap. Less is more.

Find a Photographer, not a company that recruits photographers.

So many wedding photography companies hope to blind you with quantity because they cannot offer you quality. 3 photographers, 4 videographers, endless lists of meaningless equipment, this is all a diversion. True photographers are artists. They will soak in your style, your personality and the aesthetic of your wedding to create a beautiful rendition of the day. Artists show emotions, they don’t describe events. You don’t need seven pairs of eyes to describe what happened in your special day. All you need one pair of eyes that will turn that day into magic for years to come.

A great photographer does not need 12 hours to capture the essence of your Wedding.

From the hectic morning of makeup and getting ready to the family portraits to the ceremony, the party and the grand exit, the day is filled with valuable moments and it is understandable that you want to capture it all. Thankfully we live in an age when all your bridesmaids, mother and those special people will accompany you throughout the day with their smart phones. Ask them to snap pictures of those intimate moments and save your photographer for the big moments: the ceremony and the reception.

Your task is clear: find a great photographer that can shoot great weddings in 4-6 hours. Collect great shots from family and friends and negotiate with the photographer to color and enhance those photos in his fancy software applications.

It all comes to the basics: less hours means less cost.

Great works of art are accomplished through editing.

A great photographer is a great editor. This means she or he has the talent to intuitively know what to shoot but just as importantly what not to shoot. Find a photographer for your wedding with this talent and you will be in for a treat.

A little bit of intrigue and mystery is the most romantic thing in the world. Let your photographer capture special snippets of the day and let you and your friends fill in the gaps with memories and anecdotes as you share your picture book.

You have worked so hard on planning your wedding day for so long, let your photo book be that great work of art that will remain true and timeless.